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Gender Paradox
Discrimination and Disparities In the Postmodern Era
Explore the origins of sex and gender differences through a scientific lens and understand the theory of social constructionism, its reliance on regressive gender stereotypes, and its pathological doctrines.

Social constructionist theory tells us that boys and girls are not born different but are rather made different through socialization. Yet something strange has happened: Across the world's most gender-equal liberal democracies, the differences between men and women have not gone away. Paradoxically, gender differences in personality, interests, and occupational preferences have grown larger. This should not be happening. If men and women are made different through socialization, shouldn't the most gender-equal societies be, after all, gender-equal?

Gender, like the Penrose Triangle, is an optical illusion. Many people think they know its properties, but it's wildly deceptive. If we can just find the correct angle, then maybe we can observe gender's actual properties, and with it, perhaps we can solve the Gender Paradox.

Available in Hardback, Paperback, and eBook
Paperback ISBN 9781794868700
Copyright Zachary Elliott
Published January 12, 2020
Language English, Pages 500

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The Medici Project
(Fiction Novel)

Dr. Michael Rabens, a high-class bookworm with an IQ of 160, has just received a doctorate in art history from Princeton. With a love for architecture and history, and a deep desire to discover truth, the sophisticated graduate begins his very own research expedition in Rome, a region rife with social and political conflicts.

There he makes a sudden surprising discovery: a series of letters describing a mysterious project in Renaissance Florence, commissioned by the powerful Medici family. But when the letters are stolen by an unlikely enemy, he finds himself at the center of a dangerous plot.

After being rescued by renegade spies, he must work to stop the plot from happening, using his knowledge of architecture and history to unearth the Medici Project before its contents end up in enemy hands. Yet Dr. Rabens soon realizes his book knowledge can only get him so far, as he must find the courage to confront his own fears.

Available in Paperback
ISBN 9780359903313
Copyright Zachary Elliott
Published December 17, 2019
Language English, Pages 422